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Second University Hall Takeover


1992 was the year of the second University Hall occupation, this time by a group named Students for Admissions and Minority Aid. The university had ignored this group for months and had cancelled many meetings with their representatives, so this occupation aimed to pressure the administration to admit students regardless of their ability to pay. The occupants proposed three principal demands:

  • “Expand the then-current Capital Campaign goal by $50 million, to be used for undergraduate financial aid.”

  • “Open the Brown Corporation’s meeting on May 9, 1992 to all members of the Brown community with an open mic to discuss raising the $50 million goal.”

  • “The third and final demand was made by the students the afternoon of the protest in a meeting with the Vice President of University, where more than 100 students requested that no one be arrested by the University who participated in the takeover.”

Despite this last demand, the administration obtained a restraining order from the RI Superior Court and asked the students to vacate the premises. 50 students left, but 253 students were arrested and charged with “disturbing a public assembly general, disorderly conduct, two counts of willful trespassing, and prevention from carrying on employment.” Ultimately, those students were forced to pay a fine to Brown. The University would not go need-blind until 2003.

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